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B  O  D  Y  B  U  I  L  D  I  N  G    &    F  I  T  N  E  S  S    C  O  A  C  H  I  N  G






No that was not a typo but I’m sure that it clarifies the “Mechanic” part of my company's name.  


My love for fitness started over a decade ago. Back then I lived on a boat spot bang in the middle of nowhere (literally at times) with my parents and siblings, so having a coach or a gym for that matter was out of the question. Then began the research and my first client’s transformation. That client being me. Fast forward 8 months, I was 18 kilograms lighter, happier, healthier and with a level of confidence that I never thought that I’d ever be able to acquire. This got me thinking and forgive me for being cliché but if I could, anyone else could.


Fast forward a few years through high school, acquiring my personal trainer certification, competing successfully in multiple bodybuilding competitions and finally working as a personal trainer, it was time for me to further my studies in order to propel myself further into the working world. So, I did what came naturally… I applied to become a mechanical engineer.  

I will spare you the details but those were very long years. Despite the extremely busy schedule, I maintained and thrived in fitness and bodybuilding throughout my university career, obtaining both my degree and a number of sponsorship opportunities such as my athlete sponsorship with SHERIFF TRAINING SYSTEMS.

You’ve likely heard of the adage, “it was my calling”. Well this brings me to where we are now. Doing what I love as an STS affiliate coach, imparting over a decade of knowledge onto my clients and incorporating mechanical concepts in training, in order to propel you forward into your fitness journey.

From the absolute beginner to the elite athlete, I can help you because I'VE BEEN THERE.

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How I Work



Upon signing a contract dictating the Metabolic Mechanic terms and conditions, as well as the duration of our time together I will send you a consultation form and an invite to download a smartphone application called the STS training portal, powered by Trainerize which we will use as an extension of myself. Think, “having your coach at your fingertips”.

Once you have completed the consultation form to the best of your abilities and have set up your profile on the application, we will discuss your goals in a little more detail over a scheduled phone call. We will then establish short and long term goals and devise a plan of action in order to tick each and every one of them.

Now the fun begins. I will construct your diet and workout plans accordingly to your specifications and monitor not only your physical state but also how you are feeling by touching base on a weekly basis. I will then adjust the plans in a need to fashion. This means that there is no limitation as to how many plans you will receive from me per month. My goal is to get you where you want to be, as healthily and efficiently as possible, the rest is inconsequential.

Throughout our time together we will have open lines of communication via Whatsapp or the STS training portal and you will be free to contact me at any time with any question.

For queries regarding pricing, please contact me directly.

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