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Metabolic Mechanic | A Not So Safe Learning Environment

Right. Three posts in and we're at a point where I'm pretty sure that most of you are wondering if you're ever going to receive an iota of useful information from me.

Pander no more, the mechanic is here to help.

Contrary to popular belief; At times, the proverbial bull that sits in my head, pumping out excrement at a more often than not, alarming rate, catches a stint of constipation and the shit stops flowing.

This is not one of those times. Sorry.

However, when carbs are few and dickheads in my inbox, asking me for a sarms cycle, hit a threshold, (which I should add, is pretty low considering the lack of glycogen - alas, I said something smart) I might just feel a little uninspired. After all, I am but a man and the sarms brigade are more cancerous than taking an X-Ray to the nuts.

I will then momentarily save some of said bullshit and supplement it with informational, peer reviewed studies.

Think, sprinkling glitter on a turd, just the other way around.

Now, let's spare no time and get right into the first one. The vast majority of you have the IQ of a shoe.

Which is OK. After all, ignorance is bliss.

Which is also why utter atrocities in terms of absolutely every and I mean EVERY aspect of health, fitness and the likes are so prevalent.

It isn't your fault that you can't make it through a medical journal, yet alone apply it. You're just dumb.

How do we remedy this? Remember the glittery turd I just spoke about? Yup, that's it.

The plan is to simplify those horrendously intricate and fascinating studies, flip them, twist it and reverse it... (This was a test. If you read that in Missy Elliott's voice, you're probably a lost cause but we can definitely be friends) and make them accessible to you innocent, little, dumb fucks.

Hopefully then, we might see a slight crumb of improvement in the industry and who knows, maybe even start seeing less "coaches" send you guys on a one way ticket to hospital. Woops, I went there...

We can always hope, anyway.

I will come up with my own topics, that I think could benefit the masses but I will also ask for your opinion via social media, particularly on Instagram and Facebook.

Stick around. We're just getting started.

Jezz the Mech. Out.

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