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Metabolic Mechanic | Welcome to My Workshop

Despite starting this in an era where I would typically be staring at you from the other side of a camera lense, welcoming you to my YouTube channel in the hopes that you subscribe and that in a few years I can retire early in a mansion before ruining my reputation on cheap drugs and hookers (one sentence in and my girlfriend is pissed off, this is going to be fun). I've instead opted for the more old school "blogging" option. Why? Partially because if my written English was Harry Potter, its spoken counterpart would be Dobby and in all honesty, the price of filming equipment gives me heart palpitations.

So, without any further ado, welcome to the official Metabolic Mechanic blog. For those of you that have been following me on social media for a bit now, it will come to not much of a surprise that while I will do my best to divulge important information, I will likely flirt with sarcasm and at times I might just go all the way with vulgarity. It's all in good humour and if it offends you, well though shits. It's my blog. Besides I'm doing it here so that my mom doesn't have to keep hearing about her son's mouth from extended family members on Facebook. Sorry mom.

I will be tackling a variety of topics on a weekly basis from how to cut an onion (seriously, that's going to be a post because some of you have been alive longer than I have and have the knife skills of a blind, tripple amputee), to dieting strategies, training philosophies, supplementation and I'll even dive into the more taboo side of bodybuilding.

With this, I should probably state that I am not a medical doctor nor a qualified medical practitioner (or chef) so please use the information I put on here to your own discretion and for entertainment purposes only. Man I've always wanted to say that for some reason.

Here's to new ventures, good laughs, some level of education and hopefully a midnight thought that turned out to be pretty fucking successful.

Jezz the Mech. Out.

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2 comentarios

10 mar 2021

So power Jezz, really awesome site brother

Me gusta

10 mar 2021

Had a good laugh. Love this.

Me gusta
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